Champ Car to change TV broadcasters in Mexico

UPDATE #2 We are now hearing that Champ Car will be on TV Azteca in 2005 in Mexico, but supposedly all the races will be shown live in their entirety this time. 11/05/04 This rumor appears close to becoming 'fact.' Televisa (the major TV network in Mexico) launched a special web site for the Mexican 2004 Champ Car GP. TvAzteca, the current broadcaster, also did one, but Televisa hasn't done one until now and theirs is much better and has much more information. TvAzteca does it because they have the rights for the race so we find the Televisa move most interesting indeed. Champ Car is returning to full coverage on network TV in Mexico next year. As the original rumor we posted way back in August, we heard Televisa was getting the 2005 deal and now we have to believe this big splash they are making for this race means it's pretty much a done deal. We await a formal announcement. This is a major coup for Champ Car because until now, Televisa focused on F1. 08/13/04 Rumor in Mexico is that Televisa (TV Azteca rival and biggest broadcasting organization in Mexico) is already finalizing the details of a TV deal for 2005 with Champ Cars. There´s a meeting supposedly scheduled for the Mexico City race where the contracts will be signed. Televisa is asking for the rights of South America, and Champ Car wants a clause that stipulates that all the races have to be live. Televisa is also thinking about sponsoring Mario Dominguez in 2005. –Jose Arrambide–

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