Rumors from Montreal

According to an article in La Presse written by Réjean Tremblay, Normand Legault, principal of the Grand Prix du Canada, is taking over from Alan Labrosse to whom he had sold the rights for the Champ Car race last year. Poor attendance and a large deficit caused Legault to be back in the saddle for the August race. Rumors have it also that the IRL would like to have a race at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit in 2007 after the Champ Car contract is terminated. Legault and Tony George hold the rights for the only two grand prix in North America. Another rumor has it that NASCAR is also looking for a race in Montréal, which of course we have heard before. NASCAR opened an office in Canada for a reason, and just as they are doing in Mexico, will work to eventually monopolize that market as well.

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