F1 still might go to single tire supplier

Formula One could revert to a single tire manufacturer as early as next year, BBC Sport has learned. Motorsport boss Max Mosley said he was "strongly in favor" of the move, according to the minutes of a high-level meeting seen by the BBC. Mosley agreed with Ferrari, the only other team at the meeting, to discuss the idea with F1's tire suppliers. Ferrari also backed the idea of a significant reduction in testing as part of proposals to cut costs. Mosley, the president of the sport's governing body the FIA, said he would discuss these proposals with the tire manufacturers as well. "Among other proposals, the FIA is strongly in favor of a single tire supplier and an FIA-regulated restriction on testing."

It would end the current "tire war" between Michelin and Bridgestone, significantly cut costs and remove questions about whether Ferrari are winning because they have better tires. Having only one tire manufacturer would also make it easier to keep cornering speeds under control, as the company could be asked to supply only harder, less grippy, tires for all teams. Mosley has called another meeting of all the teams for April 15th. BBC Sport [See minutes of Ferrari and FIA meeting]

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