Ganassi might move team out of Indy

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. The response from a Ganassi Racing spokesperson – "The answer is NO, the IndyCar team is NOT being relocated to Charlotte. Not now and not ever. The IRL operation is Toyota and the NASCAR operation is Dodge. Two very separate entities. We have staff in both locations that work on both programs (administration namely). The team just opened a new larger NACSAR shop in Charlotte and that may be the source of your rumors as they had a media day there last week and perhaps that question was asked. The IRL and Grand Am programs are in Indy and will remain in INDY." 02/01/05 We first posted this rumor many months ago and then forgot about it. Out of the blue today we heard from our Indy sources that Chip Ganassi is contemplating moving his entire Indianapolis IRL operation to Concord, North Carolina and house the IRL effort out of the same complex that houses his NASCAR Nextel Cup effort. If this rumor is to be believed, it says that Chip will relocate all the employees as well, at least those that are willing to relocate. We are trying to get a statement from the team on this rumor. On the surface it seems a bit farfetched, but in reality the money saved by combining the two operations can be plowed back into the company.

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