Last minute rush expected for remaining Champ Car seats

There are a whole host of wanna-bee F1 drivers scrambling to fill the few remaining open seats in F1 for 2005. Once they are all filled we expect to see a scramble by the drivers who don't land an F1 seat to try and grab one of the remaining Champ Car seats. Only two seats remain in F1, one at Minardi and one at Midland Jordan (see F1 Silly Season Page). In Champ Car 9 to 11 seats remain (see Champ Car Silly Season Page) Coyne (1), Forsythe (2 or 3), HVM (1), Mi-Jack Conquest (1 or 2), Fittipaldi (Maybe 1), Rocketsports (1) and Walker Racing (2). As can be seen on both Silly Season pages, there is no shortage of drivers looking for a ride, but whether enough have sponsors behind them to land one of the empty seats is the question?

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