Fittipaldi to drive Stock Cars

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. After two unsuccessful seasons in NASCAR, former Champ Car and Formula 1 driver Christian Fittipaldi has decided to return to Brazil to race stock cars. Fittipaldi had been looking for work since his deal with NASCAR's Petty Enterprises collapsed because of a lack of sponsorship. "For various reasons I didn't have the success I was hoping for," Christian Fittipaldi told Radio Jovem Pan on Saturday. "But I'm glad I got the opportunity in Brazil, where everybody knows stock car racing is growing rapidly." Fittipaldi, nephew of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi, started 16 races in NASCAR, failing to finish better than 24th. The 34-year-old Brazilian signed a contract to drive for team Avallone Motorsport beginning in May. San Francisco Chronicle/AP 12/05/04 Yesterday was the first time Christian Fittipaldi tested a Stock Car Brazil. He was not surprised with the performance of the car. " The car was kind of what I was expecting and the brakes were better than what I thought" said Christian. Fittipaldi believes that the experience he had in NASCAR Cup races helped him with the Stock cars in Brazil. " The two categories are completely different" he assured. "NASCAR Cup cars are stronger and faster , they have 700 hp engines. The Stock car Brazil is more like the DTM European cars," added Christian. Fittipaldi tested for the WWB Texaco Motorsports which has Wilson Fittipaldi as one of the co-owners. After some titles in Kart, Formula Ford, Formula 3 and Formula 3000, dad and son may be back together for one more challenge. Christian will be deciding his future in the next 15 days. He said there's a 50% chance for him to be driving in the Brazilian Stock Car Championship in 2005.

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