Champ Car could lose Dominguez now

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false.' sources say that Mario will stay in Champ Car in 2005 with HVM, because of loyalty to HVM and to Enrique Hernandez Pons, but he also likes the possibility of fighting for the Champ Car title. Mario was first offered the possibility of being a test driver in 2005 and a racer in 2006, but because of Midland acquiring Jordan, Midland offered Mario a possibility of running in F1 in 2005. Mario said he decided to wait until 2006 and just be a test driver in 2005 while also driving full time with HVM. Mario explained that HVM has a real possibility of fighting for the title in 2005. Mario is confident that with Midland buying the team, they can be a real contender in 2006. See other rumor about Indian driver possibly being his teammate. 01/26/05 Healthily-backed Champ Car driver Mario Dominguez is now strongly linked with a 2005 F1 debut. The Mexican, already slated for a 'Midland' drive in 2006, will travel to Canada (Toronto) on Thursday to meet with new Jordan owner Alex Shnaider. And manager Henri Luzet told Autosport: ''There's a great chance for Mario to get up to speed … with Jordan.'' Dominguez is contracted to Keith Wiggins' Herdez-backed Champ Car team in 2005, although a (F1-specific) 'get-out' clause is thought to exist.

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