Vienna eyes street race

The mayor of Vienna would love to welcome Bernie Ecclestone's grand prix circus to the Austrian city. Mayor Michael Haeupl said the event would bring a giant 'economic and image-promoting' advantage to the region, particularly in context of the loss of the Austrian grand prix. Fellow politician Heinz-Christian Strache is another supporter. ''If they can do it in Monte Carlo,'' he asked, ''why can't we do it in Vienna?'' The possibility exists that Vienna could do a Champ Car race in the streets instead of F1. Champ Car is getting good at doing street races and are there to fill in for F1 when F1 simply can't fit a new race into their already big 19-race schedule and soon to be 20-race schedule. This may also explain 3-time F1 champion Niki Lauda's sudden interest in Champ Car for his son Mathias, who of course is also Austrian. It may also explain Champ Car boss Gerald Forsythe's sudden interest in wanting to invest in Mr. Lauda's career….according to his manager, Niki Lauda's other son. Mark C.

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