Anderson to be Jordan Technical Director

UPDATE Gary Anderson has talked down widespread speculation that he will head the engineering department in any tie-up between Jordan and Midland. Anderson , who led Jordan’s technical operations from 1991-2000 and from 2002-03, is currently working as a consultant to Dallara on its Midland F1 chassis program. His links to the two teams make him an ideal candidate to oversee the merger and future direction of Midland-Jordan. But he said he had not been approached about any such role. “My position now is that I’m working as a consultant to Dallara on its F1 chassis project," said Anderson. “I don’t have any direct links with Midland, even though Midland obviously has its deal with Dallara." Autosport Magazine 01/16/05 hears that Gary Anderson will be the technical director of the new Jordan/Midland F1 operation. If the news is confirmed Anderson will be working once again with designer Mark Smith, who was his deputy at Jordan 14 years ago when the pair designed the first Jordan F1 car.

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