Formula BMW to dump Champ Car

UPDATE #2 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' with today's announcement of the 2005 Formula BMW schedule. One once, at Denver, will Formula BMW race with Champ Car. See Hot News page for Formula BMW announcement. Over the decades Champ Car's ladder system has produced some of the best drivers in the world, drivers who have gone on to win many races and championship. After 2005 when the Toyota Atlantic Series disappears, Champ Car's ladder system will be completely wiped out unless OWRS takes some action soon. BTW, we don't consider Trans-Am a ladder system to Champ Car because they are not open wheel cars. Mark C. 01/11/05 We have learned that this decision has less to do with Champ Car management, and more to do with the Champ Car schedule. FBMW is very closely managed by BMW Motorsports, and prefers to align itself more with road racing rather than street racing. This is so that it will more closely "match" its counterparts in Europe, Asia, and the UK. Remember this year there will be a runoff at the end of the year between the best drivers from North America, Asia, Europe and the UK. Mark C. 01/11/05 Our Formula BMW sources tell us that the series will drop their association with Champ Car and will probably team up with Grand-Am or another sanctioning body. If true this is another major blow to the Champ Car series. How they can mismanage an important relationship with BMW is beyond us, but perhaps one of the staffing changes made recently is as a result of this blown deal. With no completed TV deal in place yet, the mice are jumping ship and the oval track cartel are picking up the pieces. With Toyota leaving after 2005 and no word from Ford that they will re-up with Champ Car, whether they will have any manufacturers associated with them in 2006 is anyone’s guess.

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