Cocaine scandal to rock F1

UPDATE A week of wild speculation about the use of drugs in Formula 1 was brought to a swift end on Thursday when motor racing's governing body confirmed to that no evidence of foul play was found during its 2004 doping tests. Amid the backdrop of wild claims made by a former Ferrari doctor that cocaine use was widespread in F1, an FIA source confirmed that the results of the drug tests it conducted last season indicated that no problem had been found at all. "Last year's test were all fine and we are happy that no driver has failed a drug test in Formula 1," said the source. The FIA conducted random tests after Saturday qualifying at selected events last year – with a selection of drivers chosen to take the tests. 12/29/04 According to ex-Ferrari doctor Benigno Bartoletti in an interview in Italian magazine Quattroruote, 1/3 of Formula One drivers use cocaine to sharpen their driving skills. The doctor claims that for the first 90 minutes after taking cocaine the driver experiences increased concentration and motor skills, after which the chances of having an accident from the effects of cocaine are increased significantly. The doctor also warns of the long-term negative health effects of using cocaine. These claims are unsubstantiated because no F1 driver has failed drug tests for cocaine that we are aware of.

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