Red Bull or Midland could get Ferrari power

UPDATE There continue to be whispers that there may be a change of management coming up at Red Bull racing although at the moment there is no clear picture of who might be changing roles and who might be coming in. At the same time we are picking up more and more suggestions that Red Bull is shopping around looking for an engine supply deal in 2006. We have heard that the team has been talking to Toyota, Honda and BMW and we have even heard hints that the Austrians are looking at the possibility of funding its own V8 engine program. The switch from 3-litre V10s to 2.4-litre V8s in 2006 will provide the opportunity for newcomers start a program on a par with the big guns of the sport. 11/26/04 According to Italian sources Ferrari approached Red Bull's Dieter Mateschitz to discuss the possibility of supplying engines to the team he just bought from Ford in 2006. In addition, Midland F1 team owner Alexander Shnaider has also stated his interest in having Ferrari engines for his newly formed team.

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