Office Depot drops USOC in favor of NASCAR

UPDATE Office Depot this morning announced a multiyear NASCAR sponsorship, becoming the racing body's first official office products partner. Under the deal, Office Depot receives category exclusivity, race signage, advertising during NASCAR telecasts and use of the NASCAR logo in marketing efforts. Additionally, Office Depot plans to unveil a Nextel Cup team sponsorship later this month, and is planning on sponsoring a diversity initiative within the sport Office Depot. The Ft. Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL reports that Office Depot "has dropped its [USOC] sponsorship" in favor of the NASCAR partnership. Office Depot VP/Marketing Strategy Tony Ueber said the deal will help the company “woo women, small business owners and minorities, all of whom have growing interest in auto racing" Ft. Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL 01/03/05 Takin' Care of Business is back for a third stint as Office Depot Inc.'s advertising jingle. Starting today, the Delray Beach[FL]-based office supply giant will launch a series of radio and television ads geared toward business customers, who account for more than 80% of the company's sales. Takin' Care of Business is part of a new marketing strategy that also includes a promotional partnership with NASCAR. Office Depot in February will begin touting its multiyear NASCAR deal, which will be the company's primary national sponsorship platform in 2005. Sponsorship activities include NASCAR displays in Office Depot's 900 stores nationwide and advertising during NASCAR race telecasts on NBC, Fox and TNT. Office Depot plans to unveil a NASCAR Nextel Cup sponsorship later this month. A recent survey of fans found that nearly three-quarters consciously buy products because of a company's relationship with NASCAR and that 44% of those who shop at other office supply stores would switch to Office Depot because of its affiliation with NASCAR. Palm Beach Post

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