Will Kalkhoven and Forsythe shut down the IRL?

A reader writes, Dear AutoRacing1.com, Anton George tried to buy Champ Car's Cosworth engines in bankruptcy to put Champ Car out of business. He is then rumored to have attempted to buy Cosworth from Ford using Chip Ganassi as a front-man recently, presumably to put Champ Car out of business (conjecture on my part). Now that Kalkhoven and Forsythe have bought Pi Research, will they pull their products from the IRL and shut them down in 2005? Paybacks are a bitch as they say….. Jeff Foyer, Chantilly, VA Dear Jeff, Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe are true gentlemen and professional businessmen. They do not conduct themselves like that. Besides, we are sure they derive great pleasure from profits generated out of the IRL paddock from both Pi and Cosworth. Ironically Kalkhoven and Forsythe will likely make more profit from the IRL than Tony George is, who has sunk the family fortune into it. All profits from the IRL can be rolled back into Champ Car to grow that series. Mark C.

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