Walker Racing news

UPDATE It looks like our source took that fact that Walker Racing would have a show car at the event tonight as there would be some sort of merger with Stange Racing. That is not the case as we have learned, hence this rumor is downgraded to 'speculation' and could go to 'false.' However, a Walker Racing spokesperson told AutoRacing1.com, "We are testing Nicky Pastorelli and Christijan Albers next week in Sebring. Both of these drivers see Champ Car as a series that provides a competitive platform to showcase their talent, and they have chosen to work with us on putting together a program. Being from Europe, they both have aspirations of being in F1, and a successful Champ Car program is a better option than being a test driver. We have also had some very good meetings with potential sponsors from Canada for a Canadian driver (Valiante or Ranger we suppose) and we know of a few that would be good. As I said, Walker Racing is looking forward to 2005 with Lola chassis and very competitive drivers." 12/08/04 Team Stange Racing, a motorsports company, in association with Derrick Walker will be competing in the 2005 Champ Car World Series as Walker-Stange Racing, providing excellent marketing and sales opportunities within global markets across North America, Asia and Europe. Stange International are international importers and distributors of volume based quality apparel products. An announcement is expected Thursday night in Chicago. We also hear that one or two additional sponsors will be announced, one being a Japanese off-street motor bike company and another a financial consultation and asset based management company. Some are telling this is an "additional" Champ Car team, i.e. a 3rd and/or 4th car for Walker Racing, but we're thinking perhaps Walker is making his existing team stronger by bringing on a partner in John Stange Jr. We shall know soon enough. Mark C.

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