Honda to oppose testing limit

Hopes that a move by nine of the Formula 1 teams to limit testing to just 24 days during the season will be rubber-stamped early next year appear to have been dashed, with Japanese car manufacturer Honda now set to reject the proposal.

Amid the controversy of Ferrari declining to go along with the scheme, because it does not believe it will reduce costs and particularly fears its tire development program for Bridgestone could be severely compromised by the move, Honda too has its reservations about the move.

Sources close to the Japanese company, which as part-owner of BAR now has a say in what decisions the team takes, indicate that it does not support the 50 per cent reduction in testing and it will not go along with the 24 day limit.

Instead, Honda is believed to welcome a much less dramatic testing limit – with a figure nearer the 30-day mark being suggested as the way forward for next year. The company is particularly keen to conduct as much testing as it believes to be feasible because it is on the verge of a fight for the world championship. More at

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