Champ Car to get additional programmng

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' What America One will do is broadcast re-runs of last year's races every week January through April. While this station only reaches 25 million homes, the more coverage the better for Champ Car. 12/07/04 American One TV network, seen in only 25 million homes in the USA, will have prime time Champ Car programming during the week according to Adweek, probably some sort of race highlights show. Seen in only the 13 least populated states in the USA, this station will help Champ Car remain invisible. Other motorsports programming includes Corvette: The American Dream Freerider, GP Racing On the Edge, Motorworld, Raceline, and Wheel Power. America One Television is a full-service syndication and distribution network that provides direct access to over 25 million household distribution baseline. America One also provides Individual Market Placements for quality new programming. America One distributes to broadcast television, DTH, and cable affiliates in North America. They are looking for fresh adventure, action sports, and entertainment programming that provides the greatest opportunities for distributors, affiliates, and advertisers. This wide range of programming includes Extreme Sports, Rugby, Soccer, Auto Racing, Tennis, and more.

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