Champ Car hires TV director

UPDATE #2 We are bumping this rumor from 'false' up to 'speculation' today. Rumor on the street is that Rick Murphy has put a Request for Proposal out to several TV production companies to produce Champ Car races in 2005. If he is representing Champ Car then what is his role in the company? What is not clear at this time is whether Champ Car hired Murphy to be their TV Director or whether he was part of the rumored deal that Champ Car now owns Betelgeuse and that entity is overseeing all TV aspects. One way or the other it appears Murphy has found a way to stay involved with Champ Car. 11/05/04 This rumor is downgraded to 'false.' Champ Car President Dick Eidswick told, "we have not hired anyone for that position." 11/04/04 We are hearing that Champ Car may have hired Rick Murphy of Betelgeuse to be their TV Director or some similar title.

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