Ferrari to ignore testing limit

UPDATE Ferrari announced that it has signed an agreement with the driver Marc Gené who will join Scuderia Ferrari as from today, for the 2005 race season, as a test driver, working alongside test driver Luca Badoer. This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' 11/22/04 Rumor has it that Ferrari will soon name Marc Gene as their second test driver, indicating they have no plans to accept the test ban limits agreed to by the other nine F1 teams. Ferrari was shunned by not being invited to that meeting, so as a matter of principle, you can bet they won't abide by any decisions made at that meeting. Without a 100% agreement of all teams, the new rule is not binding and Ferrari will test huge amounts and gain an even bigger advantage than they already have over the other teams. This will force the other teams to not follow the test limits or risk being blown away by an even wider margin by Ferrari in 2005.

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