Gonzalez out at PKV Racing

UPDATE #2 Correction: We erroneously reported incorrect information with regard to NII Holdings. NII holdings owns the cellular franchise for Nextel in Mexico NOT Nextel in the states. Nextel USA is worth about $30 billion, Nextel Mexico about $3 billion. NII was a subsidiary of Nextel that went bankrupt a couple of years ago and, at the time, Nextel USA was in no position to help out because they were in a tough financial position themselves, hence they let the Mexican subsidiary go to Chapter 11…it was reorganized in Chapter 11 and came out 2 years ago…since then it has been an awesome stock. 11/21/04 As we said when this rumor was first posted, Nextel of Mexico will remain with the team as it is no longer tied to Roberto Gonzalez. However, whether they can still use the Nextel name in the USA is still being debated. Mark C. 11/18/04 Rumor has it that Roberto Gonzalez will not be back at PKV Racing in 2005. The sponsor Nextel Mexico will remain with the team.

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