Champ Car will not reinstate Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca was not on the 2005 Champ Car schedule and we never expected it to return despite some saying it would because reportedly last year's race only drew a paid attendance of around 5,000 on race day. Not too many people wanted to come and see those turbocharged cars a couple thousand fans think are the lifeblood of Champ Car. The Champ Car community had better wake up to a dose of reality. The product is in need of a major overhaul. Since the tuner crowd all have mufflers on their cars that make them scream, perhaps if the Champ Car engines screamed, as in a normally aspirated V10 scream, they might take notice. This Monterey Herald article says, Champ Car has left Laguna Seca hanging while it works on the Silicon Valley Grand Prix and that appears to be the fly in the ointment. If it were to be based on emotion alone, the deal would already be done with the Monterey circuit, according to Joe Chrnelich, Champ Car's Executive Vice President — Development, Government Affairs & Planning. However, "Because we're a private company again, the new owners want us to run it like a business," Chrnelich said by phone Friday afternoon. "We have to make some tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. We need to look at the whole package." There are apparently a number of factors involved, including other potential venues and business decisions that must fall into place before the final decision on Laguna Seca, Chrnelich said. He said early December would be a good target date to look for an announcement (for final cancellation). "You look at Laguna Seca and, obviously, we have had a long relationship (22 years)," Chrnelich said. "It's a great track and a great place. Economics is one of the major factors."

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