Dave Richards could return with new team

David Richards has refused to rule out a return to F1 with a new team in 2006. Richards left his role as BAR team principal on Friday, more than a year before his contract was due to expire. The 52-year-old intends to immerse himself in his other motorsport interests in the coming months. However, he admitted that he may still be tempted back to F1. He said: “I've learnt in this business that you never say never and it would be foolish to close the door on something now. But at the same time, don't expect to see me in the pitlane very much next year."

He said: “I've never been short of things to do. “Obviously at Prodrive we've just taken on the Aston Martin contract with the challenge of Le Mans ahead of us, which is going to be exciting. Clearly the World Rally Championship has many issues that I'd like to be involved in and I feel it's slightly remiss that I haven't given it the attention it deserves in the last few years. “But I think above everything else I haven't given my family enough time over the past few years and I really need to address that."

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