Ferrari or Cosworth for Midland?

Midland Formula One have reportedly approached Ferrari about supplying the new team with engines when they make their debut in 2006. "It would be good to have a Ferrari engine on the Midland cars," Russian-born Canadian Alex Shnaider tells the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. Currently, Ferrari supply F1 engines to the Swiss-based Sauber team, which are rebadged Petronas. Changes to the rules which govern engine size and cost over the next two years is expected to allow manufacturer teams to supply more than one team in the future. Shnaider says he hopes to have a decision made within three months. Midland is also exploring options with Cosworth, which was purchased earlier this week by Champ Car owners Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe. They plan to supply both Red Bull Racing – formerly Jaguar – and Minardi with engines this year. Midland plans to use cars built by Italian firm Dallara, which competed in Formula One from 1988 to 1992. Shnaider says the team will be based at Carlin Motorsports near Silverstone in England but the cars will be built in Italy. The team hopes to begin a testing program next summer and Shnaider says they will likely opt for experienced drivers when they make their F1 debut the following year. "We'll start with two experienced drivers plus a Russian one for the tests," he says. "There are two or three Eastern drivers who show a lot of promise."

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