Will Chevy move to Champ Car?

UPDATE To explain what Kalkhoven meant below when he said "I'm good at dodging bullets, especially when they are not well aimed," he was referring to the fact that Tony George had three chances to kill Champ Car but each time his bullets, err, shall we say hammer, missed. The first was during the bankruptcy in January, but Kalkhoven outsmarted George and won the court case. The 2nd bullet was the 11th hour departure of Team Rahal and Fernandez Racing in March before the Long Beach race. "Had they departed the weekend of the race itself we would have been in trouble," said Kalkhoven. "Our contract with Long Beach called for 18 cars and we could have defaulted." The third missed bullet was the Cosworth sale. "If someone else had bought Cosworth, while we could have survived because we own the engines, it would have been difficult," said Kalkhoven to AutoRacing1.com. 11/15/04 Now that Cosworth is no longer owned by Ford, the possibility of a company like Chevy badging the Champ Car engine (along with Ford – 50% of field each) increases. Kevin Kalkhoven had this to say today in London :
Q: Part of the Cosworth business is tuning the Chevrolet IRL engine, how do you balance the fact that you own a good share of the Champ Car World series yet you are going to be owning an engine supplier to a rival championship that has been trying to kill you off for the last couple of years.
KK: "Yeah, aren't they, hmmm. (laughter) I seem to have an amazing perplexity for dodging bullets! Especially if they are not very well aimed. There is a commercial contract that exists between Cosworth and General Motors, we will honor that contract as professional businessmen and we would like to continue to do business in any way GM wishes to do in the future whether it is in a competitive series or even ours."

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