Champ Car eyes 3 of 4 races

UPDATE A reader adds, Regarding your comment that Champ Car is eyeing a venue in the Middle East – I would highly recommend the new Dubai circuit. It looks like a really good facility and the racing I have seen from there was excellent (Euro Touring Cars/FIA GT/F-Renault V6). There was lots of action, and plenty of overtaking for all types of car. There is lots of paved run-off areas (less need for full course caution), and a nice variety of corners. The main problem seemed to be with sand on the circuit (but that added to the excitement for the viewer!). I have seen races on TV this year from all the new circuits in the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar & Bahrain) and Dubai certainly looks the best from a racing perspective, in fact I would say it is the best of any circuits built in recent years that I have seen. So hopefully that is the one Champ Car are looking at. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Messrs. Kalkhoven, Gentilozzi and Forsythe for getting Champ Car through the season against the odds. There are millions of us fans around the world looking forward to many more seasons in the future. Stuart Page, England Dear Stuart, Regarding the Middle East, we suspect it will be a street race, if it happens, and when we asked, were told it is a very safe place for Americans, as that was our immediate concern regarding a race in that part of the world given the Iraq war. We suspect it will be along a waterfront in a much less hostile environment (such as a beach resort or downtown area location) versus being out in the middle of a desert surrounded by sand and cactus. Mark C. 11/07/04 There is a lot of talk about what races might be added to the final version of the Champ Car calendar. A good source tells us it's quite possible three of four races still under consideration can be added. Those four are Argentina (almost definite), Brazil (better than 50/50), China (50/50) and a venue in the Middle East. Mark C.

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