Forsythe could run 3 or 4 cars in 2005

“We’re looking at the opportunity to run a couple of young Czech drivers," said Gerald Forsythe, “and we’re also going to test David Martinez (age 21) who won the Cupa Corona here in Mexico and deserves a chance. “I’ve spoken with (vice president of operations) Neil (Micklewright) and he says it ’s almost cheaper to run four cars than three. More than that and we would have to expand our facility in Indianapolis . . . and we’re considering that. “I’m dedicated to making this series a success and we’ll do whatever needs to be done to support it. If we have the ability to run more than three cars and do it well, we will." Perhaps it was Servia who best summed up the situation, not only for himself and for a number of other drivers, but for the series as a whole. “People are excited," he said, “and there’s a lot of talk, but it all depends on getting the funding together. But it definitely feels better than the end of last year." SPEEDTV

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