Aussie driver full-time in Champ Car for 2005

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. An agreement has been reached between Champ Car World Series officials and a Gold Coast businessman to have an Australian driver compete full time in next year's championship. The announcement follows the successful debut of Australia's David Besnard, who finished seventh in yesterday's Gold Coast Indy 300. Gold Coast businessman Craig Gore said he had met with the owner of the Champ Car World Series, Kevin Kalkhoven, and they had agreed Australia should be represented by a full time driver in the championship. "There will be one driver in the Champ Car World Series that's an Australian," he said. "I can confirm that today. I did a deal with Kevin Kalkhoven and we will have an Australian in the series." Mr. Gore said Besnard would not be the Australian representative. "It won't be Bezzy [Besnard] , Bezzy's a V8 Supercar driver," he said. ABC Queensland. [Editor's Note: Our bet is that it could be one of the highly regarded Australian's – Rob Nguyen or James Courtney who both have a lot of F3000 experience, and does Ryan Briscoe want to spend another year as a F1 test driver? It won't be Josh Hunt because we do not think he is ready for Champ Car yet.] 10/25/04 This Courier Mail article says, Also delighted with his efforts [in Sunday's Surfers race] was Australian Champ car rookie David Besnard, finishing seventh in his one-off Gold Coast race. "I've brought it home and I'm really happy," Besnard said, surviving two race spins in the unfamiliar car. Gold Coast businessman Craig Gore, who sponsored the run in the WPS Reynard, said he had not finished counting the cost of the exercise, but wanted an Australian driver to run full time in the North American-based series. "David didn't win the race today but he might as well have," Gore said while race fans applauded the strong finish. [Editor's Note: ABC in Australia reports that the deal is done for next year. The team was not mentioned.]

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