Coulthard the man for Williams?

With Jenson Button forced to stay at BAR, many drivers are scrambling to land his vacant seat at Williams. David Coulthard thinks he is the man for the job and rumor has it he is in the running. “As we speak I don't have a contract to drive in Formula One next season," he said, "but clearly there is a drive available at Williams and I think if there is a candidate available, my credentials are stronger than anyone's out there. I've got pole positions, I've won Grands Prix, and I've got a lot of experience of developing cars, tyre development. “It's been quite surprising the amount of interest from sponsors because over the last few years I've never had an outlet for that because at McLaren you don't carry your own personal sponsors and badges. I've been contacted by people wanting to know what my future is and if they can be involved. In terms of that sort of thing it is a pretty exciting time and now that Williams remains the last competitive seat available, I've got to do everything I can to try and make them realise that I am the best of the drivers available."

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