NASCAR snatches another Champ Car sponsor?

We predicted that once Champ Car let NASCAR into Mexico they would eventually pluck the Champ Car paddock dry of all Mexican sponsors. It has begun. Corona is already onboard big time with NASCAR (less money for Champ Car) and now we have it on good word that the Mexican company Roshfrans (that recently signed to be Champ Car's official lubricant) will build a team for the Busch Series race in Mexico City. The team will be called Roshfrans Speed Racing. On October 19th they will unveil their plans and their drivers in the pit area of the Mexico City Track. Unless Roshfrans picks up the sponsorship of the lost Herdez money for Mario Dominguez and Ryan Hunter-Reay, they will eventually spend more money on their NASCAR team than Champ Car is getting from them. Time will tell. The NASCAR team money could have been spent to increase their sponsorship involvement in Champ Car. Corona and Roshfrans are only the beginning. We predict you will eventually see Herdez, Telmex, Tecate and Quaker State of Mexico all jump on the NASCAR bandwagon in one of their three top divisions. Herdez has already announced they are leaving Champ Car after this year. Anyone care to bet where they will end up? While Champ Car has no one in Mexico looking after their affairs, already a NASCAR office is staffed and working around the clock to pluck whatever they can from the Champ Car paddock. If the rumors are true that F1 is coming to Cancun, even more pressure will be brought to bear on Mexican sponsor budgets. For Champ Car's sake, hopefully we will be proven wrong. Mark C.

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