Will Imola and/or Magny-Cours get the axe?

Turkey's F1 future is still not definite, as the FIA still has to approve the race. However, should they give it the thumbs up, Ecclestone either has to scrap two races or get the teams to approve the longer season. While Mosley and the teams support Silverstone, Imola's future is not secure. Despite efforts from the Italian government and Ferrari to persuade him, Jean Todt does not seem too concerned about the San Marino GP.

In Japan he told Reuters: "Imola doesn't belong to us. The Formula One calendar doesn't belong to us. Of course there are some grands prix that we do prefer, but we are talking about a worldwide championship. "If we are talking about covering the whole world with new markets, then you must accept Grands Prix like China, like Bahrain and like Turkey. You cannot have an unlimited number of Grands Prix, you must accept to lose some in Europe." Set in the French countryside, miles away from any major city, the future of Magny-Cours is just as uncertain with the track already not a favorite to sponsors and teams. Formula One awaits news on Bernie Ecclestone's draft calendar for 2005, which will be submitted to the FIA on Wednesday.

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