Barrichello could go to BAR

This Autosport article says, Although the paddock rumor mill makes BAR a pre-case favorite to win the Button contract case, another suggestion is that if Jenson does go to Williams, BAR will offer a number one seat to Rubens Barrichello, who has spent five long years in Michael Schumacher's shadow at Ferrari. Ferrari, so the story goes, would then plug-in F3000 Champion Vitantonio Liuzzi, whose hopes of a Sauber seat evaporated with the signing of Jacques Villeneuve.

Ross Brawn, however, took no time at all to blow the scenario out of the water. “I think that's media speculation at its highest – but it's worth trying!" he said with a smile when asked the question at Suzuka.

Brawn admitted, however, that Ferrari would fear Barrichello in a number one role with a rival team. “I think we would," he said. “He's an excellent driver and has progressed well in five years because he can seen what Michael can do, and that's helped him. He's a much fitter driver than he was when he came to us. I think he saw the levels of fitness Michael could achieve, and I think his composure is excellent considering what he has to deal with. He handles himself very well both within the team and outside it. So, yes, we would fear Rubens if he was driving for another team and we'll make sure it doesn't happen…."

Brawn denied the existence of any contractual position with Liuzzi. “I don't think there is one," he said. “We are very happy with Rubens and I hope he's very happy with the team. I've often said he's got the toughest job in F1 because he's compared all the time with Michael. He's got a tough job and we are very happy with what he does. We pride ourselves on our continuity and Rubens is a critical part of that. There's no need for us to change." [Editor's Note: However, contracts can be bought out, and given the chance to be a #1 driver, Barrichello may be tempted.]

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