As predicted, new F1 cars will ruin the sport

The mental midgets of F1 have ruined the show, just as we predicted.
The mental midgets of F1 have ruined the show, just as we predicted.

As soon as the new rules were announced, predicted that very day that the new rule changes to make the cars faster with more downforce and wider tires would result in near-zero passing.

We stated unequivocally that race cars with no wings, less downforce and skinny tires result in the best racing. We stated that F1 was doing the exact opposite and would pay the price for their stupidity.

That prediction is about to come true.

On the opening day of pre-season testing at Barcelona, drivers found it harder to follow the car ahead and nearly impossible to pass.

“I was behind a couple of cars out there and it was harder to follow, as we expected," said Hamilton. "And then also right now the tires are so hard that they don't drop off, they just keep going and going and going and going.

“So most likely we're going to be doing a lot more one-stop races and, since there's not degradation, less mistakes, less overtaking.

"That's my prediction, I might be wrong, we'll find out."

Felipe Massa said, "definitely from the driving point of view, it’s much nicer for the driver, but for the show, I don’t know.

"I’m sure it will be more difficult to overtake. Today driving behind cars you lose a lot more downforce, the car is also much wider leaving less room to maneuver.

First they take away the screaming engines and now this. Mental midgets indeed.

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