Hamilton faces penalties, Rosberg to test ‘halo’

Hamilton to take penalty
Hamilton to take penalty

(GMM) Mercedes has revealed world championship leader Lewis Hamilton is "likely" to face penalties this weekend at Spa.

We reported earlier that the British driver was in fact more likely to take his unscheduled sixth engine – and therefore a grid penalty – at Monza, where it is even easier to overtake.

But Mercedes said on Wednesday that the penalties are "likely" at Spa-Francorchamps, with confirmation "expected tomorrow".

And British newspapers said Hamilton could actually move not 10 places down the grid at Spa but a full 20, as Mercedes uses the opportunity to 'double up' with two engine changes to get Hamilton through the remaining 9 races of 2016.

Meanwhile, a Mercedes spokesman told us reports that Nico Rosberg will test the 'halo' device on his Mercedes in Spa practice on Friday are correct.

It comes after F1 race director Charlie Whiting said he wants every driver on the grid to test the cockpit protection in the coming months.

"What we are looking to do is make it clear that every driver has to try it for a whole free practice session during the course of this year," he said.

"That would give us a proper way of going forward, to make sure that we don't get caught out by something that is very hard to change back," added Whiting.

Rosberg's run on Friday will be particularly interesting, with many fearing an unique corner like Eau Rouge could raise new visibility issues with the halo device.

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