MotoGP looking to introduce dashboard communication system

MotoGP is looking at introducing a dashboard communication system to keep riders more informed during races.

The series had considered team radio similar to Formula 1, but believe the system would not only be too costly to introduce, but would put riders off if they were being spoken to mid-corner or when battling hard against a rival.

Therefore an alternative system, one that uses a small screen on the dashboard, is being considered for the 2017 season and could be trialled later this season, most likely at one or more of the season closing races.

The technology is already in place, with race control using it to communicate certain messages such as: jump start; black flag; red flag and a problem with their bike.

Dorna's Javier Alonso says it could be opened up the teams, allowing them to send various messages, such as gaps between riders, rather than using a pit board.

"We decided to talk to our engineers to see if the system used by Race Control to warn riders of certain things could be used by teams," Alonso told Spanish newspaper El Periodico.

"There is no point in having radio communication, but if we implement this system, riders can have better access to information at the time they need it."

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