NASCAR announces aerodynamic package for Pure Michigan 400

4-wide at Michigan
4-wide at Michigan
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NASCAR unveiled the aerodynamic package for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pure Michigan 400 race on August 28. The industry-wide collaboration to further enhance the racing has led to the continued development of the rules package.

NASCAR debuted the lower downforce and less sideforce aerodynamic package at the two-mile track for the FireKeepers Casino 400. It was met with rave reviews from the drivers, media and fans. The teams will return with the same package for the Pure Michigan 400 in August.

“We have talked to our community, that includes the drivers, the teams, the owners, the OEMs and we all arrived at the decision that we thought it would be a good thing to go back to Michigan with the Michigan 1 package for several reasons," NASCAR Senior Vice President, Innovation and Racing Development Gene Stefanyshyn said. “One is that it will help us to manage corner speeds better. There was some discussion on tweaking the package, but where we all landed on that is we thought it was best to proceed with the package we ran at Michigan 1 because the teams have some knowledge on that. And a lot of the teams believe they still have some fine-tuning they can do on that package."

NASCAR has made updates to the 2016 aerodynamic package to further reduce downforce and sideforce. They are:

  • Welded truck trailing arms
  • New brake cooling rules
  • Reduce skew generated sideforce by setting rear toe to zero (same rule used in All-Star race)
  • Aero package tweaks to reduce aero generated downforce and sideforce
    • Spoiler shortened from 3.5 inches to 2.5 inches
    • Splitter reduced to 2 inches
    • Resize of deck fin to match spoiler

The FireKeepers Casino 400 featured 14 lead changes among eight drivers, with the margin of victory less than a second. Drivers and fans were entertained by the new package, especially restarts.

“You know, I think that thrill, the adrenaline that you get by controlling something that's out of control," FireKeepers Casino 400 winner Joey Logano said after the race. “A lot of times being right on that edge of backing it in the fence which we saw happening in qualifying and you're just right on that edge. I remember after qualifying I was walking into the media center here and I was signing an autograph and my hand was shaking. I couldn't even write my name. That's cool. That's how on edge you have to be to go fast, and it was like that for 400 miles today, you know, that you're just right on that ragged edge, and that's awesome."

NASCAR also used this aerodynamic rules package at Kentucky Speedway on July 9.

“We had an amazing race in June for the FireKeepers Casino 400 with the aerodynamic package that NASCAR implemented," track president Roger Curtis said. “I have loved what NASCAR has done with the lower downforce rules this year, it has made for some exciting and entertaining racing. I am excited to see the teams return for the Pure Michigan 400 with the same package they used in June.

“I applaud NASCAR, teams, and drivers working together on increasing competition and continually improving the sport for our fans. These changes put even more back in the hands of the drivers. With our high speeds and wide track at MIS, the racing in August should be fantastic. I cannot wait for the Pure Michigan 400."

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