Vettel says drivers want Halo

Sebastian Vettel says the halo cockpit protector has received overwhelming support from the drivers with '90-95% voting for it' to be introduced in the F1 regulations.

The Ferrari driver says he was confused to hear Jolyon Palmer claim some F1 drivers are against the halo after revealing it received almost complete backing from drivers after a recent vote.

The drivers have been shown an FIA presentation on the potential safety gains the halo device can make, which many citing the 70% of survival improvement if an object comes towards the cockpit, and in the drivers' press conference at Hockenheim there was resounding support for the device.

“I am a bit surprised because it sounded as if we were c. lear about what we want in the future," Vettel said. “We had a vote amongst the drivers and I think 90-95% voted for it so I don't know why all of a sudden it comes up the way it does.

“I think it is the wrong impression as the majority have said. We don't like the looks of it but I don't think there is anything that justifies death.

“We've always learnt from what happened, incidents on track, and tried to improve. That will be the first time in human history that we have learned the lesson but we don't change. I think it is up to us that it does happen otherwise I think we would be quite stupid."

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