Video: RaceCar Retaliation after Crash at Bowman Gray Stadium

Bubba Racing: John Holloman IV was leading and seemed to have a car that could win except for the fact that the Robbie Brewer car behind him on a late race restart had a different plan. Brewer in 68 car hit Holloman in the 4 car in turn 1 and took over the lead. Holloman made it clear in radio chatter that the 68 wouldn't win the race. He caught up with the 68 and spun him around causing the 68 to have a flat tire. They played demolition derby on the front stretch for 30 seconds or so before retreating to the pit area.

These two characters went at it again a month later. In the 2nd Sportsman Race tempers flared when John Holloman IV got into Robbie Brewer and both cars wrecked down the front stretch. Brewer climbed out of his car after the wreck trying to get to Holloman but track officials held him back.

A firefighter was slightly injured during the melee trying to hold Brewer back when a tow truck hit him on the leg as it pulled up to the scene.

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