Tony George awarded for nearly destroying IndyCar racing

Tony George is Indy
Tony George is Indy

The announcement came in the form of an introduction Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Tony George is the new Chairman of the Board of Hulman & Company, which owns IMS and the IndyCar Series.

The news came as George was introduced to give the command to start engines for NASCAR’s Crown Royal 400 at the Brickyard, an event he brought to IMS in 1994.

George told IndyStar that he was named chair at the board's March meeting, but this was the first public mention.

George, 56, replaced his mother, Mari Hulman George, the daughter of Tony Hulman, who purchased the track in 1945.

George became IMS president in 1990 and was later named chief executive officer. The Indy Racing League he founded started racing in 1996.

George was forced out of his leadership positions in 2009. He rejoined the board of directors in 2013. Curt Cavin/Indy Star

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