Weekend TV Ratings – USA (2nd Update)

UPDATE Added NHRA's Sunday broadcast to the table below.

07/13/16 UPDATE If the ratings AR1.com published below don't send off alarm bells in motorsports, nothing will. Across the board note the number in the 18-49 year old column vs. total viewers. This tells us the majority of the viewers are 50 years old and up. This also tells us USA motorsports has a major problem ahead if they don't do something soon to engage younger people. We have proposed a solution that we are sure will work (here and here), but it has generated no traction. No one cares. They all feel somebody else will fix it.

Between electric cars, autonomous cars and complete complacency on the part of the bosses of motorsports, one has to wonder if it will cease to be a sport in 15 years.


Network Event Day Total Viewers Adult 18-49 Viewers % over 49 Rating
NBCSN NASCAR Kentucky Sat 3,216K 805K 75% 1.97
ESPN2 NHRA Rt. 66 Sun 630K 120 81% 0.40
NBCSN IndyCar Iowa Sun 532K 108 80% 0.36
ESPN2 NHRA Rt. 66 Sat 278K 40 86% 0.18
FS1 IMSA Mosport Sun 181K 46 75% 0.12
FS1 NHRA Rt. 66 Sun 500K 79K 84% 0.33

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