Ecclestone working on new income system for F1

Bernie Ecclestone

(GMM) Bernie Ecclestone on Monday said he is working on a plan to reform F1's controversial income distribution system.

Force India and Sauber have complained to the European Commission about the current agreements, which see the most money and big bonuses going to the top teams only.

In the 'power unit' era, it means Mercedes' dominance has netted the Toto Wolff-led team a whopping amount of money, with the agreements locked in until 2020 unless teams unanimously agree to scrap them.

But F1 supremo Ecclestone told The Times: "I told Toto not to think about banking any money yet.

"I am going to have a good look at how things work to see if I can come up with something more equal for all the teams.

"The Premier League has a good way of distributing the prize money, so maybe that could work for us. There will be people who will like it and people who won't like it, and people who will suffer," he added.

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