Road America Opens New Concession Stand With A Healthy Twist

Fans and racers always give Road America high praise for having the best track food. Since its early days, Road America has worked with many local organizations to operate food and beverage concession stands, and their dedication to providing mouth-watering treats at ridiculously low prices, in plentiful quantities, allows racers and fans the chance to enjoy all the best that the exciting venue has to offer. Over the years it has become a tradition for racers and fans to make their way around the track, hitting all their favorite concession stands for regular favorites and comfort foods, using the highest quality ingredients and preparation.

New for 2016, Road America has partnered with SainRx Organic Juice Bar in nearby Elkhart Lake, Wis., to open up the SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar. Located next to the VIP tower at the start/finish line, the SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar invites fans to come on by to enjoy a healthy spin on food favorites that allows guests to feast guilt-free on popular track fare.

Dr. Grace H. Hameister, DC, designed the menu behind the SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar. The menu includes elevated dining choices, such as an organic, grass-fed beef burger on a soft pretzel brioche bun, a vegan Asian fusion spring roll, a Paleo-friendly fish taco bowl and romaine Caesar salad with Asiago dressing, plus an array of made-to-order fresh juices and low-sugar, real-food smoothies from scratch. The SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar prides itself on featuring regular menu items sourced from nearby farms that are sustainable, organic, corn-free, gluten free and GMO free. Each affordably priced item is made to be a culinary masterpiece while satiating the public, and racing elite, with fast, yet health-conscious choices.

"When people travel to a destination vacation or event, it has become more of the norm to search for venues with food and fitness options that enhance their lifestyle, and maintain their health, longevity and consciousness for lower carbon footprints and sustainable foods. Through our collaboration with Road America, the SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar is honored to provide fans with a foodie adventure that incorporates great tasting, nutrient-packed, and conscious food into their overall race day experience," said Dr. Grace, owner of the SainRx Organic Juice Bar in Elkhart Lake. "We look forward to continuing in our mission to bring food options to Road America fans, team owners, pit crews and racers who may specifically want to choose hormone-free and humanely treated animal products, as well as fresh, organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices. We have a ton of progressive, unique, and ridiculously delicious organic menu items – from breakfast to lunch – plus salads, sinfully delicious superfood snacks, and fun small bite items for everyone, so come check us out over by the VIP Tower."

Road America has 14 concession stands throughout the facility offering you a variety of snacks and beverages to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Fans and competitors are encouraged to check out all the concession stands and try something new, like the SainRx Win Tunnel Bistro & Organic Juice Bar, which is now open during most events.

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