Hamilton Calls For F1 To Return To South Africa For First Time Since ’93 (Update)

–by Mark Cipolloni–

In the interview below, Lewis Hamilton says he’s still been pushing for a race in South Africa “in the background.”

“Hopefully, you’ll see that come to life soon as well.”

His push started in 2015 – see below.

“And that’s a real big dream for me, to have raced in Africa during my career is a huge huge dream for me.”

“I know we have a big following out there, well I have a big following out there, and I know a lot of people are into Formula 1 now there so that would be amazing because just imagine the work we can be doing [with IWC] when we’re in South Africa.”

Below Hamilton joins ESPN F1 writer Laurence Edmondson for an exclusive interview ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Lewis shares what he took away from NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo’ recent comments on failure in sports and how he applies it to his F1 career. What makes Lewis Hamilton one of the all-time greats behind the wheel? What makes him motivated to keep racing at the highest level? Plus, where he thinks F1 could race at in the future.

October 27, 2015 

Three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has called for the sport to return to South Africa, according to the BBC. The Mercedes driver said, “I would love for it to be in South Africa. They are great sporting fans and are just petrolheads who love cars.”

The South African GP featured 23 times on the F1 calendar following its debut in ’62 but was last staged in ’93.

Hamilton: “I would love to go there, it would be absolutely insane. There is a huge following there and it is one of the most important grands prix we need to get on the calendar.”

The ’15 season “equals the longest ever campaign” with 20 races. The next race is in Mexico City this weekend before moving on to Brazil and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton added, “That is one of the greatest things about being a Formula 1 driver, the amount you travel, it is so much fun.” BBC


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