2015 IndyCar TV viewership below 2012 numbers

IndyCar saw its 2nd season of TV growth, after the numbers hit the skids in 2013. The 2015 numbers were up 13 percent over 2014, but given the small TV audience we're talking about the percentages don't mean much. For example if you had 1 viewer per race in 2014 and then got 2 viewers per race in 2015 you can brag that your numbers were up 100% and you would not be lying. So the fact that 137,000 more viewers watched per race in 2015 the increase is not significant, but at least it is in the right direction. The numbers pale in comparison to NASCAR, whereas in the CART days IndyCar was higher than NASCAR. So this series has a steep hill to climb to return to its glory days.

Season No. of Races Avg. # of viewers per race (000s)
2012 15 1,222
2013 19 953
2014 17 1,025
2015 16 1,162
Source: SportsBusiness Daily research

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