Sage Karam meets with the media in Sonoma

Sage Karam

SAGE KARAM, CHIP GANASSI RACING VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES DRIVER met with members of the media at Sonoma Raceway. Transcript:

THOUGHTS ON THE LOSS OF VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES DRIVER JUSTIN WILSON LAST WEEK AT POCONO NOTE: KARAM WAS INVOLVED IN A SINGLE CAR ACCIDENT AHEAD OF WILSON ON-TRACK AND SUSTAINED AN INJURY TO HIS FOOT: "It's been a tough week. This isn't a good week for racing losing such a great guy. I've been working with a psychologist this week. I've worked with him in the past and he's really been there for me this week. It's been tough on me, but the main thing is Justin's family. I can't imagine what they're going through."

HAVE DETAILS OF THE INCIDENT BEEN DISCERNED: "We looked into the data and did nothing different from the laps before. I was actually in the lead for a few laps so the clean air didn't catch me by surprise or anything. I made a few adjustments two laps before to give the car a little bit more understeer. Nothing popped out. Nothing on the car broke. I didn't hit the apron. It was a late corner spin, and when it went it went fast."

WHAT WAS ADVICE OF PSYCHOLOGIST: "For me, the night time is the worst for me just when you're sitting there thinking of things. Just getting out of the house and keeping busy is the main thing. I've been trying not to spend a lot of alone time, because that's when I start thinking of things and asking ‘What if?' ''

DOES YOU AGE – 20 YEARS OLD – MAKE A DIFFERENCE: "I think this would be difficult for anyone. It's just an unfortunate thing."

HOW THERAPEUTIC IS IT TO BE AT THE RACETRACK: "I had questions about coming to this race whether I needed to or not. But it's always good to be around the racing family because these are the people who are closest to me and will be able to pick me up when I need to be picked up. Being around my teammates and the crew and all the fans out here have been good so far."

WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO COMPETE THIS WEEK: "If I were in a car I would do what Justin would want me to do, which is go out there and be a badass and do what I always do."

HOW IS YOUR FOOT, WHICH WAS INJURED IN THE CRASH: "It's just bruised. No broken bones or anything. It's getting better."

IS THERE COMFORT IN THE FACT THAT IT WAS SUCH A FLUKE INCIDENT: "I don't think there's any comfort in this but it was such a freak accident. It is a tough time, and I'm just hoping his family is able to get through this with me. At night, you're (in bed) looking at the ceiling and saying, ‘What if I didn't spin?' And that's the toughest thing."

UNTIL THAT POINT, HOW CONFIDENT WERE YOU ABOUT WINNING: "I was super confident. I was such a zone. The car wasn't loose the whole race, and that's why I don't understand what happened and I've looked at the video 100 times. The car was really fast and the crew did a great job. I was bummed that I couldn't finish the job for them."

HAVE YOU SPOKEN TO WILSON'S WIDOW, JULIA: "I want to talk with her when the time is right. I have talked with (Wilson's brother) Stefan at the hospital. He's been there for me and I've been there for him."


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