Another Indy500 sponsor for Clausen

Bryan Clauson

KVSH/Jonathan Byrd's Racing proudly welcomes John Jubilee and the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation Experience to the continually growing group that is coming together in support of Bryan Clauson.

John Jubilee ( is America's cellular health authority and the creator of the 88 day cellular health transformation. He has helped thousands upon thousands of people become medication free, pain-free, and fat-free with his simple, scientific, and sustainable program! Average people around the world have found their true genetic blueprint and a sustainable way to have optimal health at a cellular level for the rest of their lives through John educating, encouraging, and inspiring them with his groundbreaking scientific insights.

Additionally, though the team had initially presented itself to the public with the number 82, representing the year in which the very first Jonathan Byrd's Racing car took to the racetrack, with today's announcement, the team is formally transitioning to the number 88 for its Indianapolis 500 entry. This coincides with the introduction of the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation sponsorship, and dovetails nicely with the founding of the Jonathan Byrd's Hospitality & Restaurant Group in 1988.

Talking about this extension of his relationship with the Byrd family, John Jubilee exclaimed: "I'm absolutely elated to make the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation Experience part of the Jonathan Byrd's Racing team. 88 is a magical number for Jonathan Byrd's, for John Jubilee and for this racing partnership, as it not only represents new beginnings and the period of cellular transformation in the human body, it also connects to the new beginnings of an established Indy 500 racing family, as the Byrd family returns to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!"

Bryan Clauson added: "I've seen what the John Jubilee Transformation Experience has done for the Byrd family, and I'm proud to be able to represent the program. I'm looking forward to taking the 88 car on track in May, and to help spread the word about the way people can experience their own transformation and get healthy at a cellular level in just 88 days."

Speaking to his experience with the John Jubilee program, Jonathan Byrd said: "The John Jubilee Transformation Experience has been life-altering for me. On John's program, I lost nearly 100 pounds of fat in just over 88 days, while gaining 15 pounds of healthy muscle, and it was the easiest thing I've ever done. It didn't take any pills or drugs, and now I'm healthy, my blood pressure is down, I have tons of energy, and I haven't had so much as a sniffle in over a year. Before I started my transformation, I was unhealthy, and I could barely run to the end of the street, but now, thanks to the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation, I'll be running the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in just a few weeks to kick off the month of May. Without John Jubilee, that would most definitely not be happening. It's ironic that I'll be running a mini-marathon to celebrate my transformation, as the John Jubilee program requires no running, no sit-ups, no weight training, and no heavy breathing of any kind."

David Byrd echoed his brother, adding: "My experience with the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation has not been quite as dramatic as that of my brother, as during my 88 day transformation, I only lost about 50 pounds of fat and gained more than 10 pounds of healthy muscle. Similar to my brother's transformation experience, it was one of the easiest things I've ever done, and I continue to see a physical transformation every single day as I live the transformation lifestyle. We couldn't be more excited to represent the John Jubilee Transformation Experience, and we look forward to spreading the word about this simple, scientific, and sustainable process of personal transformation."

John Jubilee can be seen and heard daily on radio and television stations across the country. He takes his greatest joy in helping people to be the best they can possibly be. Through his program, John Jubilee is "changing the world one person at a time, starting with you, so you can love your life!"

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