NASCAR Productions upgrades internet speeds at tracks

Jimmie Johnson gets service in Texas
Jimmie Johnson gets service in Texas

APXnet, a communications company specializing in complex, multilocation high-speed networks, has helped NASCAR Productions throttle up its ability to send information and provide Internet services at-track to gigabit speeds by designing and managing a fiber optic-based network at race tracks nationwide.

The new network is being rolled out for NASCAR Productions to support the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. The implementation of the new technology represents a significant commitment by NASCAR Productions to improve its communications infrastructure for its clients, including the broadcast partners and race teams at-track.

APXnet is installing new fiber optics at the race tracks. APXnet will provide NASCAR Productions with Internet access and private MPLS wide area connectivity nationwide. With the upgrade, NASCAR Productions now has the bandwidth to transmit and receive terabytes of information, increasing and improving the speed of communication at-track. APXnet PR

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