Lauda: ‘Driving selfish the only way to win the title’

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda has backed Lewis Hamilton following comments by team-mate Nico Rosberg, suggesting the Briton was underhand in his tactics during the Chinese Grand Prix.

During the post-race press conference, Rosberg said Hamilton "was only thinking of himself" during the race when he slowed to a steady pace to save his tires.

Rosberg believes Hamilton did that to allow Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to catch up and possibly take points from the Mercedes driver.

Even if that were the case – which both Hamilton and Toto Wolff have denied – Lauda says it's normal for drivers to think only of themselves as it's the only way they'll taste success.

"Sure, everyone drives selfish," he said on Sunday. "What do you think these guys are here to do?

"I call them egocentric b'**tards. That is the only way to win and the only way to win the championship, they are all the same.

"Nico is the same as Lewis and Lewis is the same to Nico if the s**t hits the fan. I fully agree that's the way it is and therefore we race."

During the race, it looked as though Rosberg didn't want to try and pass his team-mate, instead choosing to keep a steady gap to the two-time champion. That wasn't the case according to Lauda who says Rosberg tried to overtake but came up short.

"Lewis was better this weekend," he added. "I think Nico tried hard all the way and you could see that in the lap times. He had Vettel in his back, which was a worry at some stage and he tried hard to catch up with Lewis and beat him, but in the end it did not work out."

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