Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana Sunday morning report (Update)

UPDATE The teams are getting ready to grid the cars. The rain has slowed up considerably but it still drizzling. The question now is the helicopter and whether it will be available due to the low ceiling. I heard that it is at the track.

The fans are out here in their rain gear. Smiling and enjoying the cars. The Andretti Club had quite a few members enjoying their dry seats and the good food. Let's hope we get to run the full race.

04/12/15 It is a rainy race day (Pretty steady rain with no lightening) here in New Orleans which should mean we have a small crowd – poor Michael Andretti the race promoter – no race sponsor and small attendance. You have to feel bad for him, he does his best to help IndyCar by taking on new races hoping to find one that works.

The pro Mazda race was run and the USF 2000 race is running as I type. It looks like we will have a wet IndyCar race but a good show for the fans. There is a Mardi Gras type parade scheduled for noon today with floats and beads. Maybe the rain will stop for a while. Lucille Dust reporting from New Orleans for

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