Gordon wants NASCAR to eliminate pit road timing lines

Friday Jeff Gordon was asked about the increased number of penalties issued to teams this season:

Jeff Gordon: "I think the camera system speaks for itself. It's black & white if you want to put it that way. When things roll out of the box or guys leave over the wall too soon or you drive through too many boxes, it's going to bust you.

And so it's made all of us have to be that much cleaner and do our jobs that much better and pay more attention to more things than we used to. That didn't have anything to do with what I did last week [when he got caught for speeding late in the race at Martinsville].

That was just us trying to take advantage of speed lines. I think that's the next step. We've got to get rid of these speed lines. It doesn't make any sense. The speed limit is the speed limit.

You should never be able to break the speed limit. You should carry the speed limit all the way down pit road. What we do is find pit stalls to try to get around that. So we're ramping up and slowing down and that's what got us in Martinsville. We were just too aggressive with it." (Team Chevy Racing)

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