Chevrolet strengthening IndyCar front wings, too

A day after Honda announced it will strengthen parts of its new IndyCar Series aero kit, Chevrolet said it will do the same ahead of this weekend's race in New Orleans.

A senior Chevrolet official told The Indianapolis Star on Wednesday that the base of the vertical piece of the manufacturer's front wing will be strengthened. Six of them broke in the season-opening race March 29 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

"We're going to be implementing an additional part that will add on top of the base of that front upper wing," said Chris Berube, Chevrolet's program manager for IndyCar.

Berube said it was a "relatively" easy fix for the teams. Chevrolet fields 12 full-time cars.

Berube said the design was appropriate, but the piece couldn't withstand contact from drivers bumping their cars off other cars.

"It's certainly a fragile element of the new front wing design, but it was hit by another vehicle," Berube said. "It's not a structural deficiency in how it's attached. The ability to withstand impacts is really where the continuous improvement is coming from." Indy Star

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